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Get ahead of the TREND.

There is only one provider that SETS THE TREND in the market, that is TOP TREND GAMING.

We are a leading provider and one of the first companies to provide slot games to Asia, the fastest growing gaming market. We have been a true Pioneer in driving the Asian market with our exciting and extensive portfolio of games, powered by our state of the art technology. 

As an Asian company, we pride ourselves in doing business using only the Asian way. We fully understand Asian culture and market requirements. Over the years we have built and continue to build special bonds between us and our customers, partners resellers and our team.

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New with HTML5 

Since mobile gaming started to win player acceptance across this region, we started to build our games using this language. Our top performing games have been migrated from Flash into HTML5. We ensure that our partners will stay on the cutting of whats best in this market. Every month we consistently release new and exciting games so your players continue to have a fresh experience.

TOP performing content

Our diverse portfolio is rich with popular Asian themes including Frogs N Flies, Mad Monkey, Fortune 8 Cat, Dragon Palace, Fu Star and many more! These games are built in house by our fantastic and dedicated development team, we are the only company that knows how to magically blend graphics, sound and math into one great game!

State of the art back office

Our back office is incredibly user friendly, administrators are known to master it with only a few touches. Our high level security measures ensure your data is protected. You can generate real time data and benefit from various reporting formats. Our platform also supports many different currencies!

Your most trusted and reliable partner.

When it comes to selecting a new games provider, we are on the top of the list! As a pioneer, our games are proven on most of the major Asian operators websites. We believe in building strong, sustainable and long term business relationships with our valued partners. Our reputation speaks for itself!